Tianyu Zhang

Tianyu Zhang 

Assistant Professor
College of Computer Science & Technology
Qingdao University

Office: Room 524, Bozhi Building, Ningxia Rd. 308
Phone: +86 153-3999-3586
Email: tzhang4 at nd dot edu

Research Interests: embedded real-time systems, industrial Internet-of-Things, cyber-physical systems and vehicular networks.

Short Bio: Dr. Zhang received his Ph. D. in Computer Science from the Northeastern University in 2018 under the supervision of Prof. Qingxu Deng and Prof. Nan Guan. He visited University of Notre Dame (supervised by Prof. X. Sharon Hu), with a funding support by China Scholarship Council during 2015-2017.

My CV.

What's New

  • USA One paper got accepted by IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC).

  • USA One paper got accepted by Journal of Systems Architecture (JSA).

  • USA One paper got accepted by ECRTS 2019.

  • USA Invited to serve as the TPC member for CPSCOM 2019.



Last update: 8/11/2019